Hey I'm Robert. MotoGloss started out as a hobby for me. I started painting my 2006 Honda CBR 600RR, then my own bike again cause I stacked it in Turn 2 at Infineon and AGAIN my own bike after I stacked it in Turn 4. The final straw came at Oregon Raceway when I taco'ed the bike and destroyed most of the fairings. I then decided to fiberglass them back together, and make them look new again.

I realized I was getting the hang of this painting thing and liked it enough to start doing a friends bike. After that I was hooked! Gun Slinger! Paint turned into a passion of mine. I couldn't wait to start my next project. One after the other, I loved it more and more! My hobby turned into MotoGloss.

People all over say "once your hobby becomes your full time job, it's just a job after that and you won't like it anymore." Negative! I have never had a job that I was excited to wake up in the morning and go to, until I started painting motorcycles. Every project, paint scheme, bodywork adjustment, I get excited about. Put in the hard work, and great results will show. Perfection comes from the preparation, and that is true with anything, but most of all, your paint will come out looking great if you prepare…

Located in the San Francisco East Bay, MotoGloss is providing people with great paint at an even better price!